Welcome to Lakewoods. The future of lake living in Ontario.

For many of us, growing up in Southern Ontario meant “going to the lake” on summer weekends, or for the whole summer for the lucky ones. It seems that if your family didn’t own or rent a cottage each summer, they had a relative or good friend that did. Whether it was a simple cabin or a custom-built luxury lake house, it held the same draw once Friday came around. A tradition. Medicine for the soul. Mostly it’s about creating memories that we carry with us forever. It has often been said that a rainy day at the lake is better than a sunny day at work.

In Ontario, it started more than a hundred years ago. A few venturous souls managed to find and explore the myriad lakes and tree-covered hills of what is now called cottage country, and discovered how pleasant it all was. The word got out, a cottage or two were built, then hundreds and then thousands. A tradition was born. Soon it became a culture.

Each family and individual will describe their own cottage tradition, but there seem to be similar themes - like eating butter tarts from the general store, cannon balls off the end of the dock, casting a lure into the morning mist, sipping a spicy Caesar on the deck, taking the time to for a long leisurely gourmet breakfast or star watching in the dark country nights. For many lucky families they’ll say it all begins when they make the turn onto Lakewoods Drive on Friday night and is reinforced with the call of the first loon the next morning.


The most amazing thing about Lakewoods is not that it exists, but that so few people know about it as it is poised to take the tradition to new levels.

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