Lakewoods Hotel. A grand lakefront destination hotel.

Depot Point, a beautiful promontory located approximately midpoint on the Lakewoods shoreline, will see the creation of an incredible four-season, boutique hotel, where guests and homeowners alike will enjoy the resort amenities one would expect of any luxury destination hotel including spa facilities, lakefront fine-dining and a golf course etched within the natural contours of the land. Lakewoods Hotel will be comprised of up to 300 luxury suites and will provide additional ownership opportunities through the purchase of hotel suites.


In addition to the golf course, Lakewoods Hotel will include a private airstrip, located at the far end of the 1,300-acre property, with access and privileges extended to all lakefront lot owners within the community.

Lakewoods Hotel. A grand lakefront hotel

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Lakewoods Hotel will be a gateway to all the year-round adventures and experiences of the Madawaska Highlands for anyone seeking a superior vacation experience in one of the world’s most beautiful landscapes. Lakewoods will truly be one of the most sought after world-class destinations in this part of Canada. For the very fortunate few that will call Lakewoods their country home, the Hotel will certainly enhance their time spent at here. Some may choose to use Lakewoods Hotel as a “luxury guest house” for their visiting friends and family and the restaurant will offer a sumptuous alternative to dining at home.

A lakefront retreat can, and should be, a life changing, multi-sensory experience occurring in the context of nature. It is a place where families go to spend more time together and escape from the busy hustle of their business and city lifestyles… a collection of countless experiences, large and small. Lakewoods Hotel will be all these things.

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